Engaging the student community in order to bridge the gap between campus life and Cornell administration.

Our Campus Sustainability team works to place the student in the realm of policy, planning, and environmental change alongside campus leaders. Members do bottom up work in everything from conduction of lifecycle analyses to facilitating conversation around climate literacy. The future of a university’s impact lies in the hands of our peers, and we embrace that.




Fair Trade Campaign

The Campus Sustainability team is working towards having Cornell be a Fair Trade designated university to distinguish itself as a leader not only in sustainability, but also in responsible business and conscious consumption.

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Carbon-impact Study

The Carbon-Impact Study is a study analyzing the carbon impact of Cornell’s current recycling program. The report is intended for the Campus Sustainability Office to determine the most sustainable method in handle recycling, given the current changes in Tompkins County.


Fall Orientation

The Campus Sustainability team is working to curate events centered around sustainability for the Fall 2019 Orientation. These events are intended for new students to increase exposure to various student groups on campus centered around sustainability, to educate students about sustainability, and to promote lifestyles that further Cornell’s dedication to sustainability.

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Sustainable Case Collaborative

The Sustainable Case Collaborative is an annual event hosted by CSC and cosponsored by other student organizations dedicated to sustainability. It is an event that brings students from all fields of study to critically analyze and propose solutions to a given prompt regarding sustainability issues on campus.

WHat we’ve done


Cornell business Impact Symposium

At CBIS, the team invited Rob Watson, Steven Wolf, Brian Matuszewski, and Alina Zolotareva to speak about the key barriers, the role of government, and various business models in the transition to a circular economy.


Looking toward the future

The Campus Sustainability Team is looking to be at the forefront of promoting sustainability on campus.