Inspire, Plan, Create.

As the marketing team, we are in charge of displaying and showcasing all of CSC’s work in a cohesive, aesthetic, and easy to understand way.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 11.39.31 AM.png

Current Work:

  • Developing each aspect of this website

  • Creating a circular economy and other graphics associated with CSC

  • Creating templates for business reports

  • Photographic documentation of team members and events

  • Collaborating with other teams within CSC


Future Goals:

In general, we want to continue clear communications with other CSC teams and members to promote information in an accurate yet very approachable way.

  • Promote CSC and gain recognition with the use of consistent branding

  • Develop our website and graphics further

  • Create new graphics to represent CSC’s work and goals in a clear manner

Our process:

We always begin with an idea based off of work we have done or what CSC represents as a whole. Our team then creates many iterations of our vision. We discuss what it says about us, how it matches our brand, how we can improve those iterations, and how viewers will perceive it. We are constantly thinking of new ways to represent CSC and its work.