Transforming the solid waste industry.

Due to the rapidly growing environmental impact of “once-through” waste products, the founder of LEED, Rob Watson, is developing a voluntary performance standard that aims to recognize leaders in municipal waste management.

CSC’s Role

CSC’s Role is to conduct a “state of the industry” analysis on Tompkins County and Cornell’s waste management infrastructure and programs to produce a comprehensive report detailing findings, lessons learned, and recommendations for eventual SWEEP certification on the county and campus level.

Current work

  • Our team is working to synthesize our findings in a comprehensive case study report on the state of the waste industry for Cornell and Tompkins County to determine the feasibility of piloting the SWEEP standard locally.

  • Additionally, we are creating two separate reports - one detailing the operational and environmental performance, and the other highlighting the value of SWEEP to both municipalities and the solid waste industry from a business/marketing standpoint.

What we’ve done

  • In our research, we have compiled a thorough database of waste management data from Cornell and Tompkins County.

  • We have written a final report detailing the methods, progress, and lessons learned in the Fall 2018 semester.



Solid Waste Environmental Excellence Protocol

Solid Waste Environmental Excellence Protocol

Northeast Resource Recovery Association

Northeast Resource Recovery Association

Cornell University Sustainable Design

Cornell University Sustainable Design


LOoking to the future…

Our long term goal is to SWEEP certify our industrial and municipal partners by launching a pilot program locally.